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Time to find your super suit and put on your cape, because One Night Ultimate Super Villains is now live on Kickstarter!

This new game in the One Night series is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, challenging you to capture the baddies and save the world! Can you find those treacherous villains before it’s too late, or are you secretly on their side?

One Night Ultimate Super Villains is a 10 minute roller coaster of social deduction, with exciting twists on fan-favorite roles that will keep you coming back to play it again and again. New players will be able to jump right in, while regular players of the series will find exciting new strategies to explore.

If you’re looking for even more chaos, you can combine One Night Ultimate Super Villains with the other games in the series. After all, who doesn’t want to see an epic battle between Werewolves, Aliens and Super Villains?

With outstanding art by Gus Batts, and narration by Eric Summerer, this is a superhero sequel that you don’t want to miss!

Head over to the Kickstarter campaign to find out more about One Night Ultimate Super Villains.


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Welcome, guests, to the Kickstarter launch of One Week Ultimate Werewolf! Please come in and explore this brand new board game inspired by our One Night social deduction series, and designed by Ted Alspach.
In One Week Ultimate Werewolf you’ll venture into Ludwig Castle, discovering the unique rooms and attempting to uncover the mystery of who among you is secretly a werewolf! You’ll need to use all the powers at your disposal to investigate your friends, the Castle staff, and even yourself, because you never know for sure who might have switched your role…
After a week of investigation, it comes down to a vote! Can the villagers catch those sneaky werewolves, or will they manage to bluff their way to safety?
With more than a dozen unique rooms to choose from, every game of One Week Ultimate Werewolf will allow you to explore different strategies, with the winners leaving their permanent mark in the Guest Registry included in the game!
One Week Ultimate Werewolf can be played with 3-7 guests, and takes about 45 minutes to play. Find out more about the game on Kickstarter here, and pledge for your very own copy!

Join us for a LIVE tour, if you dare…
To celebrate the launch, we’re running a livestream of One Week Ultimate Werewolf at 6pm EST! Join all of us on YouTube to learn how to play, and watch the Bézier Games team bluff and backstab their way to a win!
You’ll also be able to ask us any questions you have about the campaign, or just pester Ted with random questions like what his favourite colour is. We hope to see you there!

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A mouth-watering appetiser perfect for every game night…

We’re very excited to announce the upcoming release of New York Slice Legacy, the very first legacy game that you eat while you play! Co-designed by Rob Daviau, Jeffrey D. Allers, and Ted Alspach, the game will debut at Gen Con this year.

New York Slice Legacy builds on the original pizza-cutting game, and brings something entirely new to the table by making it an edible experience! You can play the game with any pizza, so all you have to do is order in (or make your own) and your game night is ready to start.

Shuffling up to start the game

To top it all off, New York Slice Legacy‘s campaign adds all new layers of strategy. With permanent changes each game, every decision (and every bite!) counts. Will you keep those slices as leftovers for next game, or can you fit them in now for bonus points? Will you upgrade your stomach or your plate? The choice is yours, but we know one thing for sure – this will be the most fulFILLING legacy game you’ve ever played!

New York Slice Legacy can be played with 2-4 players, and each game takes about 45 minutes to play. The game will contain plates for each player, a real pizza cutter for the slicer to use each round, a scoring pad, all new player abilities, secret upgrades, and brand new specials that can be added to the original game once you’ve finished your campaign.

What’s In The Box: All the components included in New York Slice Legacy

To find out more about the game, and for details on how to preorder, watch the official announcement video here, featuring early reviews from Tantrum House, Rolling Dice & Taking Names, Boardgames & Bourbon, and more!

Don’t miss out on this hot new game that is literally good enough to eat!

Werewords Deluxe is coming to Kickstarter on March 5!



We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re creating a brand new version of Werewords, our hit party game that puts a Werewolf twist on 20 Questions. We’ve listened to your feedback, and the Deluxe edition is going to be better than ever. It has fresh artwork, even more exciting roles, and bonus game modes like Speedwords that will really test your skills of deduction! We’ve even completely reworked the app to provide a better experience, including a new narrator with extra attitude.

And no matter the size of your group, we’ve made sure that Werewords Deluxe Edition will be perfect for you! We’ve expanded the player count, and added a two-player mode for a tense game of bluffing and double-bluffing.

If you already own the original Werewords, the Kickstarter will include a low-cost way for you to upgrade to the new cards!

You can watch the teaser trailer below, and don’t forget to sign up on our Prefundia page to be notified as soon as the Kickstarter launches. We’re going to have some incredible backer rewards for the campaign (including some all new merch and deluxe components), and you won’t want to miss out!


See what people are saying about the first edition of Werewords!

If you haven’t had a chance to play Werewords, you can read more about the game in these reviews.

Werewords is one of the best social deduction games I’ve ever played.”
Chris Wray, Opinionated Gamers

Easily one of my favourite party games”
Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“It’s one of the most universal party games out there, and the best party game of 2017”
Derek Thompson, Geeks Under Grace

“A purely enjoyable game. This is a no-brainer – if you see it, get it”
Man vs Meeple

“The entire table was laughing and enjoying the game. We will be playing this one many times again”
Jake Combs, PopNerdTV

“I definitely highly recommend Werewords
Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Review

Head to our Prefundia page to be notified as soon as Werewords Deluxe launches!

Press Inquiries and Interview Requests

If you’d like more information about Werewords Deluxe, or are interested in setting up an interview with any of the team behind the game, please reach out to Eric Edens at press [at] beziergames [dot] com! We’d love to talk with you about our creative processes, the inspiration behind the game, and organise interviews with our new artist and narrator.