Ultimate Werewolf Legacy: Top 15 Tips for a Successful Campaign

Are you about to start your campaign of Ultimate Werewolf Legacy? Read these tips from Chris Wray of The Opinionated Gamers to make the most of your games, and make sure your group is having an amazing time! Chris originally posted this list on BoardGameGeek, and we liked it so much that we asked him for permission to share it on our blog so more people would see it.

The best bit? All of these tips are completely spoiler free, so you can read on without worrying about ruining the story.

Before the First Game

  • Make sure that the moderator reads the “Getting Started Guide & Rules.” Even if you are highly experienced with Ultimate Werewolf, some things are quite different here. In particular, I’d read the “House Rules” section on Pg. 4.
  • Make sure you’ve got a good space for this. I’ve played in a couple of different settings, and my favorite set up was 5 tables arranged in a pentagon shape, one “family” per table. It is also helpful if there’s space for the moderator to walk around the village (as sometimes you have to change out their cards or tap them on a shoulder).
  • Get some card sleeves with an opaque side. Before you hand out the role cards, put them backwards in the sleeve, so the role faces the opaque side. This helps in two ways (a) it prevents re-deals or mis-plays where people accidentally flip over their card, and (b) since you generally don’t reveal if you die at night, it means players don’t flip their card over in some rash action.
  • I knew I was going to be the moderator for at least the first couple of sessions, so I read those parts at least a few nights before. That proved extremely helpful.
  • Check the errata, which can be found here:
  • Plan on an hour per game. It didn’t take us that long – with stickers, breaks, etc. we only took 45 minutes on average – but it isn’t fun to be rushed.
  • Bring pens for everybody, or at least one per family. People get really excited to fill out their character cards, and competition for pens isn’t fun for anybody.

As the Campaign Starts

  • Read all of the flavor text. To be blunt, I generally hate flavor text in games, often skipping it or going “blah blah blah” while my game group rolls their eyes. The flavor text here, however, is excellent, and it actually helps clarify rules and guide the campaign.
  • Do the prelude. I had heard you could skip it, but I don’t recommend that at all. It really gets everybody in gear for the first game, and as a moderator, it really helped me understand the layout of the diary.
  • As the moderator, if new titles, roles, or tokens come out, make sure to read the reference guide for those new parts before you unleash them in the village. It really helped me answer questions, and not everything you need (or want) to know is necessarily in the diary.
  • Use a timer. I don’t normally moderate with a timer, instead preferring to let the village move at their own pace, but it helps out here, and I agree with the rulebook that it is a requirement. Players tend to get side tracked discussing some of the legacy aspects of the campaign, and the timer keeps things moving along.

The rules you (or the players) are most likely to forget…

  • Roles are revealed if players die during the day, but generally not if they die at night.
  • Make sure to follow the token rules carefully: many of them have detailed use notes in the Reference Guide. In particular, we had early misunderstandings about the Ivory Tower (it means you cannot be eliminated first in the session, regardless of whether that is day or night).
  • Study the end conditions of each game carefully, particularly in Chapter 2.
  • A lot of the text/actions at the end of a chapter happen immediately following the game, not at the start of the next game, so have the village wrap up business before they take a break.

Thanks again to Chris Wray for putting these tips together! If you’d like to read more from him, you can find his reviews over on The Opinionated Gamers.

Have you had a chance to try Ultimate Werewolf Legacy yet? What do you think so far?


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